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4 Year Anniversary

My dad and I started The Elizondo Company 4 years ago in December 2012. The first project for the company is the Anytime Fitness Franchise located in Centennial, CO. We opened with 12 members and through lots of hard work and lots of learning we have grown to 500 members. 

Luis and Louie Elizondo (co-owners of The Elizondo Company)

Competition is tough in a city famous for it’s exercise habits. Denver is full of crowded, dirty, low customer service 24 Hour Fitness gyms.  Or over priced Lifetime which is used as a status symbol for their members even though what they offer isn’t anything out of the extraordinary. You can also find an abundance of cross fit gyms designed more for athletes than your average joe starting on their health lifestyle. 

We (Anytime Fitness) aren’t perfect either. Anytime Fitness is the most convenient gym by far with ANYTIME access to all 3200 locations for no extra cost. You’ll find gyms in cities small or large, since we have smaller locations and can serve any type of community. The area we FAIL hard in is helping you achieve health. In fact not one single gym in the industry guarantees you health. 

At The Elizondo Company we are working on delivering health to our customers in real ways. That’s why we adapted our mission statement from a company I admire called Patagonia. 

The Elizondo Company Mission Statement 

2016 was huge on online sign up and customer service automation. We created afcentennial.com to allow members to update their account online without having to wait for staffed  hours. Members can also sign up online and learn about our membership on the same site. The results have been very positive. We are saving time and our member experience is more efficient and professional.

In 2017, we are focusing on member experience, education and results. We want to help our members lower their blood pressure, reduce glucose levels, and keep body fat % at a healthy range as a minimum. If members want to develop muscle strength and size, increase flexibility , reduce stress and/or increase edurance, we’ll be there for them to provide guidance and tools.
Free digital Health Education is going to be a huge tool we will start providing to help members make better decisions every day. 

This will be a separate stand alone project we are calling “Pre”. We chose the name based on the commonality in the words prepare, prevent and present*. The three channels we’ll provide guidance in. *(as in “stay in the present”)

Pre – Project Stages

First stage- Create a free video health educational website and content that provides education to its viewers. Our communication philosophy is based on Henry David Thoreau’s quote – Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth. We will not make decisions for our clients but instead present them with the truth about their health so they can make better decisions.

Second stage- Create a health tracking app that serves our clients as a digital personal health file. This information and data will be able to be shared with their current doctors but ownership of the records is personal, for once. We will analyze the health data to provide better guidance and solutions to every day problems therefore increasing our clients quality of life.

We are incredibly excited to start on this new project. The road ahead is long and full of obstacles, big and small, but we’re committed to making an impact on how humans manage their health. 

Louie at The Elizondo Company HQ in Centennial, CO

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Louie • January 6, 2017

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