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The end of 2016

Lots of growing happened this year. But also lots of fun and passion filled the year. Passion to enjoy life to its fullest and ambition to work on being my best self every day.

For me that best self is the adventurous Louie that enjoys exploring and learning new skills in the mountains, creating fun experiences and beautiful memories with my daughter and family. I have a lot to learn yet but I like the path I’m taking. 

That passion for the mountains spills over into my work. 2016 was a year was full of actions, based on lessons from reading or from experiences. I made it my purpose to streamline and simplify the sales process to get rid of obstacles potential members encounter in their journey to becoming healthier. We got rid of contracts, making our membership to the club, a one easy option that delivers in providing the best service. 

We also improved our customer service portal at afcentennial.com

Since the sales process has been completed, it’s time to look at our next big business project. Here’s some options we’ve thought up.
Option A) “Pre” We can create a digital solution with the main purpose to help clients be healthy by educating and providing health solutions with nutrition, exercise and meditation. (Health Action)

Option B) “Summit” We can focus on increasing our class and small personal training offerings to try and move the member usage average to a higher percentage. Offering fun alternatives and goals that other gyms  dont help you achieve. Either included with the member or as an add on to the membership. (Member Experience) 

On top of those projects we have to start thinking two years ahead. Our building lease for the gym ends January 2019 and we need to start planning for moving to a new location with more space and parking lot. Possibly build our own location with adjacent rentable space for a couple businesses. 

2017 will be a year of communication. I want to learn how to tell stories, to better engage with our customers and convert them into friends and supporters instead. Educate them with valuable tools to increase the success of building health habits. 

Utilize business to promote responsible outdoor activities. Like skiing/snowboarding, hiking, cycling, running, climbing, and others. We can provide opportunities for our members to socialize and create new friendships therefore becoming an adventure community. 

On the personal side, 2017 will also continue to be packed with lots of work hours. 

Taking control of my nutrition and personal development are two big priorities for the year. Making sure I fuel my body with the energy necessary to be on top of my game and prevent illnesses, mentally and physically. 

Develop into an action leader. I’m going to focus on learning how to delegate important tasks and work on turn my visions and dreams into real world results. Part of that is learning how to build a team of like minded individuals. Lots in store here.

Develop as a mountaineer. Both for winter and summer. Learning how to rock climb outside and backcountry snowboarding are some of the new skills I’m most excited to learn. I will post my 2017 goals on the site as soon as they are completed. 

2017 is here, it’s time to make things happen. 

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Louie • December 31, 2016

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