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Wardrobe Malfunction 


Last week I decided to commit to minimize all areas of my life and one of the first areas I decided to tackle was my closet. 

Fortunately I have stayed pretty much the same size since 2008 and have been collecting clothes for about 7 years. You can imagine how many clothes one can collect in that time period. I had a full walk in closet, dresser and boxes all filled with clothes. Pretty impressive for a guy, or so I thought until now. 

Once I really started to analyze each piece of clothing I had and asked myself: 

Does this fit? Do I like it? When was the last time I wore it? Does this make me look my best? 

It suddenly became so easy to separate what I was going to keep and whal I was getting rid of. Nearly 6 hours one day and another 4 the next were spent separating, folding, hanging and packing all of my clothes. At the end of it my closet seemed so mich bigger. When you walked into the closet before it felt a little claustrophobic but it felt much different. Freedom is the word that comes to mind. Freedom from extra mess, from extra laundry time, from time deciding wasted what to wear for the day. I love it. 

I am not nearly done with minimizing my wardrobe but I have reduced it by at least 70 percent. It now consists of mostly my favorite items. It’s been so much easier to choose what I’m wearing for the day. I’ve also noticed a change of attitude towards clothes. 

My sister wanted to go to the mall and check some stuff so I went with since I need more dress clothes. While I was browsing the mens section instead of going for a cheap pair of dress pants I was looking for quality and versatility. Something that will add value and options to my wardrobe. In the past bargains were more important. Now I ask myself better questions when shopping. 

As I add better quality items to my closet I will be able to minimize my wardrobe even more. The journey to simplify is just starting.

What should I simplify next? Give me some ideas on my twitter @keskeresco 

Louie • June 19, 2015

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