happy louie

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Considering the Van Life

This week has been so much fun…. Like a lot of fun. I took a week completely off from work and traveled back to my home country. Spent time visiting friends and family and celebreated my grandmas 80th birthday. Past trips I’ve felt like a total tourist visiting home. However this trip was much different….

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Cleaning the house in 60 seconds

Who said single dads aren’t responsible? I recorded this video to show how much time we spend cleaning instead of having experiences. I seriously want a Tiny House so I can change my priorities in life. There is only one life and I’d like to live it my way.

Wardrobe Malfunction 

   Last week I decided to commit to minimize all areas of my life and one of the first areas I decided to tackle was my closet.  Fortunately I have stayed pretty much the same size since 2008 and have been collecting clothes for about 7 years. You can imagine how many clothes one can…

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Goal: Own 100 things or a duffle bag and a back pack with all of my belongings in it. Reason: Live Life Become less materialistic Get rid of debt Become a nomad Leave a dent in the universe Strengthen my relationship with my daughter Unite a community of like minded people Timeframe: 2 months (July 31st)…

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